Executive Design:

We design the building’s structures, we develop calcs reporting to give to the G.C. and we study all the construction details needed to optimize the quantity of wood and the related accessories.


Wood Engineering :

We produce drawings for wood cutting centers, steel structures, list of related hardware and accessories; We produce detailed assembly drawings for the technical constriction team.


Construction Site Monitoring:

We supervise the construction site during the delivery, unloading, installation and finishing of the structure.


Technical Consultant:

In case of legal litigation between construction companies, the providers, the construction site management and / or the buyer, we provide our 20 years of experience in calcs, installations and tests on materials.


Maintenance Projects for Laminated Timber Structures:

Inspections of timber structures and wood preserving; Analysis of the calcs documents, conformity verifications with the initial agreements or with the implementation contract; maintenance plans or rehab projects; construction site management.